The business line AltaPack is entirely dedicated to the development and implementation of:

  • Specialty Aerosol Valves
  • Application Equipement
  • Packaging Systems
  • Accessories
The aerosol valve, probably the most critical part of aerosol packaging, is Altachem's core specialty.
Both tilting valves (for DIY foam) as well as gun valves (for professional foam) are available in standard high quality and in low stucking version.
Altachem, as the world leader in specialty valves for OCF, continuously invested in special R&D programs to improve the valve quality and to add new types of valves to the range.
Valves suitable to work in the toughes climatic conditions outperform today’s and tomorrow’s competition: our products are generations ahead, providing you with a real competitive advantage.
The strict use of top quality components that perfectly match the industrial standards results in problem free processing.